LDB Paris x Jordane Saget, the ultimate collaboration

LDB Paris and Jordane Saget, the meeting

Jordane Saget has once again struck a blow with her art as simple as it is daring. This time, he is doing it for LDB with which he has forged strong ties around a common love: free and innovative art.

Between lifeslines, simplicity and love for creation. A look behind the scenes of the collaboration between street artist Jordane Saget and LDB Paris.

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Lifelines, lines full of singularity

The artist goes to the LDB workshops located in the heart of the Marais, to meet Patrick Frèche, the brand's founder who came across his art in a street in Paris. A meeting that will give rise to a new work on rue de Rennes exhibited to the general public.

Jordane Saget. You have surely already met him somewhere! On the street or on Tik Tok, perhaps? Every day for years, he has traveled the streets of Paris to draw and bring his artistic vision to life through 2 million subscribers on TikTok. His signature is the lines. He calls them the “lifelines”, these elegant lines drawn with blanc de meudon or chalk which mark the identity of Paris and which propel it little by little to the forefront of the street art scene. Thus, these ephemeral lines marked the famous Samaritaine, Printemps and many other major players in Parisian fashion, and are projected towards new horizons, particularly at LDB.

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Art is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it, right?

Paris 4th. Jordane arrives at the LDB offices. Hoodie, cap, jeans, sneakers and a big bag with its equipment. A true epitome of the street artist. Opposite, Patrick Frèche, true to his brand, wears velvet pants and a cashmere sweater signed LDB. It's time for two men who share the same love for creation and the imagination to meet.

LDB Paris x Jordane Saget, an obvious collaboration

The idea of ​​a collaboration then presents itself as obvious. Jordane offers to paint the window of the LDB flagship in Saint Germain des Prés. Opened in 1992, the store located at 56 Rue de Rennes, represents the soul and the history of the brand.

The work was inspired by the stained glass windows of the Notre-Dame de Lardiere church (13th century) recently restored by the artist. The project, recreate on this illustrious facade the majesty of a cathedral, playing with the lifelines of Jordane, the lights of the city, and the eyes of passers-by. It is also a way to create links across ages and places. Between the contemporaneity of the collections of the LDB brand and the French architectural heritage, between the vibrant epicenter of our capital and a rurality that deserves just as much to be known.

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“A line is a very basic graphic element”, says Patrick Frèche. “What brings us together with Jordane is that we have a passion for simple things. Simplicity is the basis of everything. It's the common thread in our professions that helps us create extraordinary things. The concept of lifelines perfectly represents the DNA of LDB and we are very happy to be able to do this collaboration together."

Successful project. On December 13, the inauguration of this unprecedented collaboration took place, in the sound of our flagship store in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Authentic and convivial, it is around a glass of mulled wine that the guests discovered the work imagined by the artist as well as the LDB collections. Meet at 56 rue de Rennes to admire the fruit of this collaboration.

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Meet at 56 rue de Rennes to admire the fruit of this collaboration.

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