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Scents of oranges and gingerbread, festive lights and winter cold, so many signs that announce the holiday season. The right time to find your gift ideas. At LDB Paris, we take pleasure in preparing a selection of the best pieces to offer for the holidays.

Christmas gift ideas for women ldbparis LDB Paris Christmas gift ideas for her!

Softness, cashmere and bamboo fibers to delight your loved ones

LDB is more than thirty innovations around materials. This year, we are highlighting our 100% cashmere pieces without hesitation: round neck sweaters , hoodies or even FFRESH dresses !

ldbparis cashmere gift idea

Cashmere, a material known for its softness, comfort and warmth, so many obvious properties for enjoying low temperatures.

But if you are looking for an innovative material, it is wise to tell you about bamboo fiber. And in this case, there are bamboo fiber polo shirts, pants and sweaters available in Beige, Black or Navy!

ldbparis bamboo fiber gift ideas

And finally, impossible to forget the famous Milano cotton which offers sobriety as well as elegance for a winter or mid-season outfit. Here, opt for the 100% Milano cardigan with its refined embroidery.

The timeless LDB Paris for men & women

EASYY and FFRESH t-shirts represent all that can be timelessness. Pieces that last over time, without going out of style. Available all year round, in colors that change with the seasons.

easyy ffresh ldbparis gift ideas

Slub cotton or cotton jersey, the choice is yours, these iconic pieces are worn like a second skin and accompany you all year round, summer and winter, while preserving their quality.

The selection of LDB Paris Christmas gift ideas for men

Between Irish ribbing, SAILOR sweater & cotton velvet

To enrich your list of gift ideas, we offer you the IRISH sweater , in twisted wool and Irish ribbing. Because we know that a 100% wool sweater is a classic that you can take out of your wardrobe every winter season.

irish sweater ldbparis gift ideas

In another style, the very trendy SAILOR sweater in Navy or Mastic colors in 100% ribbed cotton is a very nice piece to offer during the holidays. It is distinguished by its shape associated with the marine uniform dating from the 19th century and by its exclusive rectangular elbow pads.

sweater sailor ldbparis gift ideas

Now let's talk about the VELVET pants ! Made from a fine 100% cotton velor, these pants have a soft, matte look and can be paired with an EASYY t-shirt or a FFRESH jumper.

LDB Paris Beanies for Christmas!

Our house offers you complementary pieces to combine with your outfits, it is none other than our range of beanies in a wool & cashmere blend in stone, black, llama or even silver! For men or women, a quality hat under the tree is always a pleasure for the holidays.

See you in store and on our e-shop !

christmas gift guide ldbparis

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