City guide LDB Paris: TOP 10 good addresses in MILAN

TOP 10 of our good addresses: cafes, restaurants, art, design in MILAN!

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Cafes & restaurants in Milan

Orsonero Coffee

We start this series of city guides with Orsonero Coffee! This place offers a warm and very friendly atmosphere, with its wooden furniture, its sunny bay window and its lovely staff. Here you can enjoy an excellent cappuccino from an Italian roasted coffee for 2€ while taking advantage of the WIFI for example. The pastries are also excellent, fresh and some are even gluten-free.

Between two visits, a short coffee break to take away or on site at Orsonero Coffee will definitely suit you. And you will inevitably leave with your bag of coffee, because they have a shop where you can buy your specialty coffee such as the Italian Gardelli coffee or the Fjord from Germany, a wide variety of coffee from all over the world is available.

Via Giuseppe Broggi, 15, 20129 Milano

good addresses milan orsonero cafe

O:OPS Coffee

Fancy a brunch? We recommend O:OPS Café, not only is the quality there, but you will also enjoy a clean and minimalist setting with vintage accents. If you are in a hurry, this coffee is also available to take away! During the day, it's avocado toast, fries & acai bowls or even dalgona coffee. The pastries are very good and atypical, you won't escape the yuzu pie or the hazelnut crumble!

There are also places to work or study, which you can pass with a glass of kombucha, a natural detox drink that the brand enjoys offering every day.
In the evening, the atmosphere is lounge and you can sip a vodka and berry cocktail accompanied by an aperitif.

Via Paolo Sarpi, 1, 20154 Milano

oops cafe good addresses milan

Paper Moon Giardino

Located just a few meters from Via Monte Napoleone, this restaurant is a place full of elegance. The latter has a patio overlooking an open space and a splendid garden.

It is in a glamorous setting, that the staff serves vegetarian dishes or traditional dishes served with refined Italian wines. We advise you to taste the essential spaghetti vongole as well as their sweet ravioli. If you are passing through, know that the quality of the table service is reflected in their take-out service.

Via Bagutta, 12, 20121 Milano

paper moon good addresses milan

La Gioia Milano

La Gioia Milano is an exceptional and particularly recognized place in Milan. Within this restaurant, one can contemplate the white arches overlooking the rooms where it is possible to taste authentic Milanese cuisine, accompanied by a glass of wine.

For a dish at 25€, on average, you can taste different local dishes such as pasta with truffles, or cacio e pepe, the essential pasta with pecorino romano & pepper. These will even be cooked at the table and before your eyes. On the sweet side, the Gioia tiramisu has never left a crumb on the plates of those who taste it. It is noted that this address only offers an on-site service and animals are accepted with pleasure.

Via S. Marco, 38, 20121 Milano

gioia good addresses milan


It is in the courtyard of the former residence of Napoleon in Milan, that the Lubar is located and in particular the famous galleria d'arte moderna (gallery which we will discuss a little later). This place offers a magnificent setting laid out in a romantic garden where the music is classic and discreet.
The high ceilings are accompanied by large arches and large windows welcoming outside light.

If you feel like it, you can have breakfast, Sicilian specialties, gluten-free dishes or aperitifs in the winter garden or on the outdoor tables when the weather is right. This restaurant serves its avocado toast, club sandwich, meat, fish… or even Cannoli and Riccotta exclusively on site.

Via Palestro, 16, 20121 Milano

lubar cafe restaurant milan

Art galleries, museums, bookstores not to be missed in Milan

Galleria Rossana Orlandi

This former tie factory refurbished by Rossana Orlandi is now an art gallery exhibiting various works by contemporary art designers. The works of art present are suitable for both neophytes and designers.

You will be able to contemplate the works of the architect Stefano Boeri such as his covered bench or the compositions of the designer Micheli de Lucchi. And if you have the opportunity to meet the staff, you will be able to see that they are very invested in their exchanges with visitors. It is near them that you can buy pieces of art adapted to all budgets.

Via Matteo Bandello, 14, 20123 Milano

gallery milan good addresses

Fondazione Prada

The Prada Foundation is none other than an institution created by the president of the Prada group, Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli. This place of discovery is an art gallery dedicated to different types of creative expression: cinema, dance, architecture, science, music, art and many others. Born out of a 1910 gin distillery south of Milan, the buildings were designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

For an entry at €15, you won't miss the emblematic work of Jeff Koons "Les Tulipes" or the art of Louise Bourgeois, from abstract expressionism and surrealism. For the pleasure of film lovers or simply the curious, this place has a cinema with a selection of films offered every weekend. The foundation has also thought of epicureans who wish to end their visit with a dinner or a drink since this establishment offers its restaurant "Torre" with a panoramic view of Milan or its Bar Luce café designed by Wes Anderson, also an artist and director.

L.go Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano

fondazione prada good addresses milan

Galleria d'Arte Moderna Milano

The Modern Art Gallery is located inside Milan's Villa Reale which was previously Napoleon Bonaparte's summer residence. The latter presents a neoclassical construction surrounded by the green gardens of Porta Venezia.

By opening the doors of this gallery, you will have the joy of discovering paintings and sculptures from the 18th and 20th centuries, including the famous emblematic painting of the struggle of the proletariat, the Fourth Estate, by Pellizza da Volpedo. You can also take the time to observe the remarkable collections of French Impressionists: Renoir, Manet, Cézanne, Van Gogh and a few Picassos. Note that this address offers free entry on the first Sunday of each month.

Via Palestro, 16, 20121 Milano

arte moderna gallery milan

Museum of the 900

Opened in 2010, this museum is held in the Arengario Palace, an imposing rationalist construction from the 1920s, in Piazza Duomo. Within this place of culture, there are hundreds of works representative of the artistic currents that marked the last century.

You can expect to encounter paintings and sculptures by Chirico, Morandi or even Sironi, which are part of the futurist artistic movement and Arte Povera (which appeared in Italy in the 1960s). The works of foreign artists Kounellis and Picasso as well as the room dedicated to the painter and sculptor Lucio Fontana are also part of the Museo del 900 selection. The layout of the latter also has a great advantage since large bay windows open on the square and communicate directly with the outside and passers-by. For even more history, the permanent collection is the essence of several collections sold by private and passionate collectors. The adjoining bookstore and restaurant will complete your walk. del Duomo, 8, 20123 Milano

milan museum good addresses

The 121 + bookstore by Galleria Corraini Edizioni

This guide to good addresses in Milan is coming to an end with the 121 + bookshop by the Galleria Corraini Edizioni. Corraini Edizioni is first and foremost a publishing house housed in the former Palazzo Finzi in Mantua, which also houses the Corraini contemporary art gallery.

In addition to this, the Galleria Corraini Edizioni has four bookstores including one in Milan "121+" in the Tortona district. The latter offers a collection of Corraini books from a fine selection on design, fashion, art, photography, graphics, architecture and more. You can also enjoy temporary exhibitions of artists, meetings, conferences, something to enrich the culture of young and old, the curious, connoisseurs. The staff will also be happy to advise you on the line of design objects that can be purchased. There are at least 121 reasons to visit the 121+ bookstore...for sure.

Via Savona, 17/5, 20144 Milano

bookstore gallery good addresses milan

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