“accessible luxury”, “unbeatable value for money”, “value for money” are by definition explicit slogans. We never put forward our pricing policy as it simply seemed consistent to us. For some time now, many of you have been asking us how we manage to be able to sell our clothes at prices that seem to you to be well below those charged by our competitors . We also asked ourselves this question and realized that the pricing policy is in fact linked to the very essence of our brand.

No intermediaries in the manufacturing

We have a direct production chain, that is to say without intermediaries. We have been working hand in hand with the same manufacturing workshops since 1989, which allows us to better control our production costs. Thus, we have more freedom in the research and development of our products since our suppliers trust us. It is for this reason that we are able to offer new materials such as bamboo, milk protein or soy fiber, without incurring additional production costs linked to innovation .


We only make two collections a year , stored directly in our Parisian studio and our stores. Result: no storage cost impacts the price . A piece from the LDB collection is made from A to Z in the same manufacturing workshop. In other words, the product does not travel according to its degree of finish. Finally, we ourselves source the materials selected according to the requirements of our Studio and we send them directly to our workshops to make the collections. We therefore guarantee total quality control of the final product .

Work with Passion

LDB is a family and independent brand . This may be why benevolence and freedom of spirit are still at the heart of our daily work. The LDB teams are passionate and their work is multiplied tenfold. We are a fashion brand with more than 30 years of existence and we have always considered our talented and passionate teams to be the nerve center of our evolution.


Being an independent company, we evolve in our own ecosystem which allows us to develop and promote exciting universes such as literature and art . Some brands are closing bookstores to put clothes racks there, LDB moves mountains to house a bookstore in its seasonal store. No ads, little marketing, only natural in all its forms. A brand born independent and which will remain so.