We could do like everyone else, talk about the environment through numbers and repeat statistics over and over again. But ecology is not only a question of numbers, it is also a question of words. Because we forget that words have meaning.

So at LDB we want to get the message across.

Today, our lifestyles and consumption make us all responsible for the destruction of the planet. To succumb to the temptation of fast fashion is to consciously participate in an announced collapse.

Buy, wear, throw away, start again, again and again… We can no longer pretend, we can no longer close our eyes.

At LDB, we did not wait to act. We have always focused on the essentials and made common sense our self-evident.

Without even realizing it, for 30 years we have been advocating quality clothing that lasts, repairs and wears for a long time. Because the most responsible action there is is to create better in order to be anchored in time.

Far from ephemeral fashion, we manufacture products that remain, that evolve with you and that are timeless to cross the seasons.

And even though we know we're not perfect, we're working hard to keep doing better.

This is why we forge strong links and lasting relationships with our workshops. Because behind an LDB piece, there are women and men who are serene and proud of their work, this is also the meaning of our commitment, to create a story between you and them.

At LDB we believe that another possibility exists, a possibility where simply contemplating the planet and loving it will again become a way of life. So let's keep making things beautiful, simple, durable, because that's what we know how to do.