Bougie - Bois de cachemire

45,00 €

Plongez instantanément dans une douce évasion vers les souvenirs chaleureux de votre enfance avec notre Bougie Parfumée "Bois de cachemire".
Fabriquée avec le plus grand soin à Grasse, capitale mondiale des parfums, cette bougie incarne la quintessence du patchouli, apportant une ambiance réconfortante à chaque espace.

Délicieux arôme de patchouli, musc et amande : Ces senteurs exclusives vous transporteront dans un monde boisé de douceur et de nostalgie.

35 Heures de Diffusion : Bougies à diffusion longue pour accompagner vos moments de vie : qu'il s'agisse d'un bain relaxant, de lire un livre, ou de simplement vous détendre après une longue journée, cette bougie parfumée offre un parfum continu qui remplit votre espace de confort et de sérénité.

Qualité Supérieure : Fabriquée à partir de cire de première qualité et d'une mèche sans plomb, cette bougie assure une combustion propre et homogène. Elle est contenue dans un élégant pot en verre transparent, lui donnant une apparence sophistiquée.

Matières naturelles
Designed in Paris
Qualité premium
Bougie - Bois de cachemire
45,00 €
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Once ordered, your Bougie - Bois de cachemire is delicately wrapped in tissue paper, before being placed in the shipping box. Each order is carefully prepared by hand. They are all sent directly from our studio in the heart of the Marais, in Paris.
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Materials guide

Wear LDB pieces like a second skin. Discover our guide to 100% natural materials.

Slub cotton

Slub cotton is a breathable cotton fabric that has an irregular texture and vibrant colors . It is made using twisted cotton threads which are burnt in places before being woven. This scorching process creates lighter areas on the fabric, giving a unique and rustic look to slub cotton.

Our famous EASYY t-shirt is made from 100% slub cotton jersey weighing 120 grams and is worn like a “second skin” . Its colors have been developed exclusively by LDB. Ultra light and soft, this t-shirt is ideal for a casual and comfortable look.

To preserve the unique texture and vibrant color of your EASYY, we recommend machine washing at a maximum of 30° on a delicate cycle.

100% Cotton

Cotton is a vegetable fiber that is often considered one of the most comfortable and soft natural fibers . Cotton is breathable , allowing air to flow easily through the fibers, helping to regulate body temperature and reduce sweating. In terms of durability, cotton is a strong texture that holds up well to wear and can last a long time.

Our flagship T-shirts , the 24_24 are made of 100% cotton. These T-shirts are practical, timeless and pleasant to wear. We recommend machine washing at a maximum of 30°C on a delicate cycle and washing with similar colours.

Cotton thread 50

50 thread is considered one of the finest threads used in the production of cotton fabrics. It is a single strand yarn, which means it is made of a single twisted cotton yarn. 50/1 cotton fabrics are lightweight and breathable. Thus, it is a renewable and biodegradable natural fiber.

Our BAZYYC packs offer three t-shirts made from 50 thread count of high quality 100% natural cotton that have been carefully selected for their fineness and purity. Very pleasant to the touch, these t-shirts are made to be worn 365 days a year . In order to prolong the life of your BAZYYC , it is important to maintain them correctly. We recommend machine washing at a maximum of 30° on a delicate cycle and washing with similar colours.

Double-sided cotton

Double-sided cotton is a type of fabric that is woven from two layers of cotton fabric , with different patterns or colors on each side.

The two layers are woven together to form a thick and strong fabric. Double-sided cotton is often used to create outerwear such as jackets, coats and blousons, as well as accessories like scarves and blankets. It is highly appreciated for its warmth, softness and resistance found in our Arthur and Jean shirt models.

cotton terry

Cotton terry cloth is a soft , absorbent and
comfortable . It is made from natural cotton fibers that are woven into soft, elastic loops that increase the absorbency of the fabric . Perfect for physical or bathing activities, the cotton sponge is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

LDB terrycloth pieces are made from 100% natural cotton . They are easy to adopt in summer looks because they do not require special maintenance. We recommend machine washing in warm or lukewarm water. Dry the SPONGE product on a wire in the open air or flat , machine drying can felt the material. Use a moderate temperature to iron your garment.


Cashmere is a noble material known for being extremely fine and soft. This specificity makes it very comfortable to wear and very insulating , as it retains body heat while being very light. Natural, biodegradable and renewable , cashmere wool is considered one of the most sustainable materials.

The LDB 100% Cashmere Sweater is made from the pure, unbleached cashmere yarn, which gives it a soft feel. It is for this reason that our customers call it “cocoon of sweetness” . To prolong the life of your sweater, we recommend a cold hand wash with a detergent or a special cashmere shampoo. Gently wring your cashmere in a towel before letting it dry flat , to avoid deforming it.

French terry

French Terry is made from 100% cotton, which makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. The French Terry fabric is soft and slightly looped on the inside, which makes it very pleasant to wear on the skin . It is used for sportswear due to its breathability and comfort.

Thicker than other types of cotton fabrics, the French
Terry is ideal for winter wear. The majority of our ACTIVEWEAR collection is made from 100% French Terry cotton. We recommend machine washing at a maximum of 30°C on a delicate cycle and washing with similar colours .


Bamboo fiber is a textile fiber made from the pulp of bamboo , a plant that grows quickly and sustainably . This fiber is environmentally friendly , as growing bamboo requires little water and the plant regenerates quickly. In addition, bamboo fabrics are
hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial , making them suitable for people with sensitive skin. This alternative material is particularly appreciated for its softness and breathability .

LDB bamboo pieces are made from 100% natural bamboo fiber. Known for being hypoallergenic and soft, they are very pleasant to wear every day . We recommend machine washing at a maximum of 30° on a delicate cycle .


Corduroy, also called Corduroy , is a cotton fabric, characterized by vertical or diagonal ribs that are woven or heat pressed. Corduroy has a soft, velvety texture. It is thus a durable and resistant fabric that can be easily maintained.

Our VELVET collection is made from 100% natural cotton corduroy. We recommend machine washing at a maximum of 30°C on a delicate cycle and washing with similar colours. Dry the product on line in the open air or flat, machine drying can felt the material. Use a moderate temperature to iron your garment.


Linen is a durable, ecological, hypoallergenic , insulating natural fiber and gives it the property of being a thermal regulator (insulating in winter, breathable in summer). Linen is considered one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fibers. It is biodegradable , meaning it can be easily broken down in the environment once it is discarded. In terms of durability, linen is very strong and can last for many years .

Our “ Desert ” products are made of 85% cotton and 15% linen. Waisted with a drawstring elastic, straight legs and falls perfectly on the ankle. We recommend hand washing in cold water at 30° . Line dry or lay flat to dry. Use a low temperature to iron your garment.

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